Case studies

We could pad out the stories, even romanticise or boast, we could even inflate or exaggerate, we could "pretty up" with dramatic pictures, but we won't; instead we simply list some of our recent projects below. If you want the full story, please, just simply ask. There are also 2 other examples over on the left.

Dismantle, pack and deliver to Canada a large sugar beet washer.
Forwarding plant purchased by client throughout Europe to factories in China.
Dismantle, pack load to containers, ship from Southern Germany to Costa Rica. Deliver to site supervise offloading and rebuild in a new factory a complete high tech manufacturing faaility for making professional camera supports
Dismantle in Berlin and reassemble in the UK a large vacuum metallising machine, working with manufacturer to connect and commission.
Dismantle, pack and ship a steam turbine to India.
simple bullet
Relocate a lightening arrestor line from Eire to India – turnkey project from running Eire to commissioned Pune
Re-locate ball bearing production line from Japan to Lincolnshire.
Receive from Japan, offload and install on a first floor production area, a neon bulb manufacturing line.
Establish a new warehouse for a major Japanese corporation, building all racking and completing a full stock check after moving the contents of parts and stores. Then establish a distribution network to run the new facility efficiently.
United Kingdom
Arrange and supervise the movement of 3 large platens from Sheffield to Antwerp for shipment to Korea. Largest piece 15 tons involving closing a motorway and running east up the west bound carriageway, use of 1000 ton crane and loading to charter vessel. See the pics
Relocate a large experimental test rig on site in Farnborough. See the pics
Full turnkey project – design and build - to relocate an existing jet engine fuel test facility to a new high tech research facility in S. Wales contract value £2.4 million. Download
Break-down, load, transport and re-assemble a four colour web-printing press in the Ukraine.


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