Industrial Relocations

It is the rare business that lives out its whole existence at the same place. The economic climate, a change in business direction, greater investment, or even an unexpected opportunity can mean that a business chooses to relocate.

fork lift from aim group

The Considerations

In a nutshell, you tell us where you want to go, and when you want to be up and running. Our Project Management team will visit (with no obligation) to assess the task and estimate the time scales and costs. Assuming we arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement - it just happens. That's the simplicity of the process when dealing with the AIM Group. You are buying in to our vast experience at no extra cost.

The Background

Once the project parameters are set and the start date agreed we start on the background planning, from Health and Safety Risk Assessments, Method Statements, if required abnormal load route planning, container and special equipment allocations, packing and general protection of your machinery, accommodation for our labour if required etc. Obviously not all projects require every aspect of planning and co-ordination as the major operations, however, just because your move may be small does not mean we treat it with any less respect or take shortcuts with the move. We understand that your machinery is the lifeblood of your business and downtime is a financial drain that you can do without. We will do our best to accommodate your relocation in co-operation with your production team to minimise the loss of production during the move.

Half the cost and twice as quick - beware...
.                                  often means twice the work for you

The company that says they can do it in half the time and in half the price will typically let you down, and end up giving you twice the work. All of your timescales will now be based on what? The Aim Group does not work like that. We achieve 'on budget, on time'. This helps your planning, reduces your down time, keeps your costs to a minimum and ensures you are up and running on schedule.