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Specialists in packaging and processing machinery for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and the household goods industries.

Packmasters UK offer a complete service. We are able to help customers to identify the best and most cost effective packaging and processing machinery to satisfy production requirements in the most competitive and professional manner.
Our comprehensive, reliable packaging and processing machinery range is ideal for modern production line efficiency requirements and is the result of many years experience in the packaging and processing field. This range allows us to meet the needs of most industries, from food packaging and processing to beverages packaging and processing, from pharmaceutical packaging and processing to chemical packaging and processing, from light industry packaging and processing to household goods packaging and processing.

Our experience and efficient procedures allow us to adopt high level technological solutions to packaging and processing problems and at competitive costs. Our experience in the packaging and processing world explains how we can count major National and International companies amongst our customers. Reinforced by our past achievements, we are continually investing in and improving our services and products to meet the challenges of a continually evolving world market.
As well as supplying new machines, Packmasters UK can often help customers with good quality used machines.
We can also provide expert service on production line set up, installation, general maintenance, organisation and transfer of production lines to new sites worldwide or reinstallation at existing locations.
We offer a free production site assessment survey to evaluate possible cost saving benefits.
Whatever your packaging needs, Packmasters UK is the total solution for packaging and processing problems.

Specialists in packaging and processing equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and household goods industries.

We offer a complete turn key or single machine supply, installation and commission service.



Various semi and fully automatic operation, high or low level Layer or Robotic type models available to satisfy both high and low speed applications with dedicated product handling of jars, bottles, cans, sacks and crates. Can be supplied with automatic full pallet conveyor or shuttle car infeed systems, automatic layer pad removal and automatic empty pallet stacker.



Various semi and fully automatic operation, high or low level Layer, Gantry or Robotic type models available to satisfy both high and low production speed applications with dedicated single product or multi production lines feeding into a centralised palletising system. Typical products handled include shrink-wrapped packs, cases, cartons, sacks and crates. The systems can be supplied with automatic full pallet conveyor or shuttle car discharge systems, automatic layer pad insertion and automatic empty pallet delivery systems from a centralised pallet store.


A range of standard machines are available for the delivery of plastic bottles to the Filling system.



Our comprehensive Wrap-around or American case packing machinery range is the result of many years experience in this field. They are also available in stainless steel, from low speed models up to speeds of 45 cases per minute that allow us to meet the needs of most industries, from food to beverages, from pharmaceutical to chemical, from light industry to household goods. The Wrap-around machines can be either horizontal flow for bottles, cans, cartons, etc., or plunge type forming where soft, multi-layer or unstable products are being packaged. Division inserters are available and these systems can also erect and load both low and high wall trays, and can also be combined with an integral shrink-wrapping facility. The American case machine can also handle returnable crates and product collating and loading devices can be pick and place or robotic. A compact version is available that also includes integrated case erecting and closing sections.


Various models are available to insert corrugated or solid fibreboard single or multiple divisions that can also be designed to provide product-stacking support when cartons are directly palletised.


Both in line and rotary washers and rinsers are available as stand-alone machines or integrated with the filler, to suit your exact requirements.


Our in line and rotary fillers are suitable for all beverages from 50 ml up to 20 Ltr and above, equipped with the most modern control and automation systems that result in the minimum amount of service requirements during production and to ensure the highest reliability of the production line. Speeds from 200 to 100,000 BPH for Carbonated, Still and Hot fill beverages with Single machines or Tri-Block Rinser, Filler and Capping machines available, running on Glass and PET bottles, with various neck finishes and caps.


Cuplet and Large Bowl Filling Machines

Packmasters UK have a wide range of In-line and Rotary Cuplet filling machines, especially designed for the filling and foil sealing of cuplets with speeds of up to 6,000 CPH and large bowls or buckets up to 1,300 BPH suitable for most liquid beverages and dairy products including Yoghurt.


Large Container Water Filling

Packmasters UK have a wide range of water filling machines, especially designed for the filling of the larger bottles ranging from 10 to 25 litres, with easy and quick size change and all designed for future expansion if production necessity increases. We can also supply equipment for making these larger bottles, see the PET BOTTLE STRETCH BLOW MOULDERS section.
Semi or fully automatic systems to suit production needs
Semi or fully automatic cap removal for water cooler bottles
Customer specific cycle times for washing, disinfecting and rinsing
Adaptable systems for press on and screw caps
Modular units for best utilization of available space
The washing machine is provided with systems to economise on detergent use and protect the environment. The detergent is injected automatically and a fully automatic bottle loading and unloading system is also available.

Filling takes place using electromagnetic flow meters that are maintenance free and sterile and offer exceptional accuracy with easy volumetric adjustment. A press on capper seals the bottles ensuring hygienically sealed and filled bottles.

Production outputs for the 19 litre bottle range between 80 and 1200 bottles/hour depending on model.
We have a cost effective solution, whether it be for a simple in line filler, or a complete Rinser, Filler, Capper block together with a labelling system. Packmasters UK will ensure that your total needs are met in a competitive and professional way



Capping machines are available as stand-alone units or integrated with the Filling machine. Suitable for all types of closures, including Crown Cork, ROPP, Plastic Flat or Sports Caps, Pre-threaded Caps, Push on & Pressure Caps, in a variety of neck finishes.



A comprehensive range of in line and rotary machines are available to suit paper and plastic labels at all speeds and all types of containers (including palletised loads), with either glue or self adhesive application, including neck, front, back, patch and wrap around. Coding facilities also available.



Our Carbonation and Mixing systems are individually designed to suit all product requirements with either single tank Carbonators or twin tank Carbonators and De-aerators being a standard option together with Syrup pre-mixers, all housed within a stainless steel structure. All systems can include storage tanks, pipe work, pumps, valves and manual or automatic CIP systems and centralised control panels. Adjustable support feet allow for any type of floor and internal tank walls are completely smooth and highly polished for optimal hygienic cleaning with the required solutions.




New compact Automatic Handle Applicator system designed to easily fit into new or existing production lines to suit low, medium and high speed bottling lines at speeds of up to 110 handles/min using both pre-laminated or applied handles.



A very low cost and effective method of providing a collation of bottles, cartoned or soft bagged products using adhesive tape, with and without carry home handle designs, with and without masked areas to preserve primary pack details, etc. using easy to remove adhesive tape with adhesive widths from 50 to 150 mm and lengths up to 700 mm, at speeds of up to 12 collations/min


These machines can be supplied as part of turn key contracts, with a wide range of product handling and speeds


Complete Keg and Cask handling lines available including Palletising and de-palletising machinery, Inner and Outer Keg Washing, Filling, Capping & De-Capping, Testing, Check weighing and Labelling to suit very small to very large breweries at speeds of 25 Kegs/hour up to 480 Kegs/hour. All ancillary equipment supplied including pumps, tanks, pipe work, valves, caustic measurement and dosing, to complete the system.


From semi automatic to fully automatic lines with top load or side load systems handling various carton types, including pre-glued skillets or flat die cut. Carton erecting, product collating, loading and carton closing and sealing from 20 cartons/min up to 200 cartons/min depending upon product.


Automatic machines available for carton board with locking tabs or glue erection and corrugated fibreboard materials with hot melt glue erection, to produce trays with low and high wall features at speeds up to 100 trays/min. These machines can be linked to other down stream equipment, including automatic Shrink-Wrapping systems.


Automatic collating and loading of products into preformed carton board or corrugated Trays or returnable Crates (with and without Bale Arms) at any speed to suit high and low production speeds.


Standard semi and fully automated integrated collating, tray erecting, tray loading and shrink-wrapping systems to suit virtually any product type, with speeds of just a few packs/min up to 240 packs/min being achieved from a well proved range of machinery.


Sealing bar or without sealing bar (over-wrap) machines
With or without supporting trays or flat pads
Wrap-around hot melt or top loaded tray systems
Single or multiple collated products
Single or multiple layer cartoned products
Multi stacker for trayed products
Promotional packs
Stainless Steel construction
Division inserters, either straight or formed to provide stacking strength
Dairy and Frozen Food specific models available
Beverage and Home Care specific models available
Large product size models to suit flat pack furniture, radiators, etc.


We have a wide range of semi and fully automatic pallet stretch-wrappers with rotating arm or turntable. They can be used with light and unstable pallet loads. The rotating arm version can also be supplied with a waterproof top-sheet applicator. All automatic models can be supplied with automatic conveyor systems and be programmed to accept randomly presented different pallet sizes, heights and weights, together with several wrapping material film tensions and wrap details to suit each product type. eg Shrink-wrapped glass bottles, PET bottles and Cased products produced from three different production lines can be accommodated by one Pallet Stretch Wrapping System.



Models to suit most applications in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, with speeds from 300 up to 24,000 bottles per hour and container capacities from 50 ml up to 30 Ltr.

• 1 – 16 cavity machines available from the standard range.

• Narrow neck containers to suit any neck finish.
Suitable products include:
Most Beverages
Edible Oil
Mineral Oil
Pharmaceutical Products

• Hot Filled Products.
Suitable products include:
Juice type beverages

• Wide Mouth containers (up to 180 mm).
Suitable products include:
Dry Food products
Pet Food
Paint & Varnish

Packmasters supply machines that provide:
• Easy and quick installation and start-up
• User friendly during operation
• Wide bottle volume range with the same machine
• Easy and quick change over – normally 15 – 30 mins with same neck finish
• Low energy consumption
• Totally electrically controlled machines for:
higher performance
better process quality control
reduction of operational costs
better cleaning of the machine
better hygiene of the bottle
• mechanically simple = almost no maintenance cost and time
• mechanically simple = low number of moving components
• reduced factory floor production space = easy access and easy operation
• NIR oven = reduced sensitivity to environmental conditions
• NIR oven = virtually instant process start-up and large process
• possibility to use blowing mould cavities of previous linear blower
range with simple plate adaptations
• reduced capex
- In house mould design and manufacture.
- In house bottle and jar design and testing.
- In house Laboratory analyses


All types of conveyor supplied, including all types of belt and roller systems to suit the smallest products up to complete palletised loads, complete with integrated controls that can be linked to other systems within the production areas.
Products types include
Belt Conveyors
Stainless Steel Slat Band
Plastic Slat Band
Modular Belt Conveyors
Roller Conveyors
Product Transfers, Diverters and Mergers
Pallet Turntables, Pallet Stackers and De-stackers
Shuttle Cars


All types of tanks can be supplied as stand alone units or as a complete Tank Farm, with automatic control systems, valves and all pipework, designed, delivered and installed by our skilled engineers.

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