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We can move a single item, a single department or a whole company. We can move any of the previous around the corner, to the next town, or around the world.

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Project Shipping, Wide Loads, Industrial Relocation

The AIM Group has a wealth of experience in these areas. AIM provide a comprehensive, flexible range of services providing cost effective solutions, that not only deliver you value for money, but free up your management time to focus on what you do best.

The company is based in the UK and operates throughout the world, moving machinery and heavy equipment. They can handle all the associated electrical work and freight forwarding or logistics. They will also set up and run an efficient warehouse operation, which dovetails into the sales and dispatch system of a client's organisation: full supply chain management.


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Specialists in packaging equipment and machinery for the food, bottling, pharmaceuticals and the household goods industries. Packmasters UK offer a complete service. We are able to help clients identify the best equipment for any given task. Packmasters represent many of the major manufacturers of packaging machinery. As well as supplying new machines, Packmasters UK can often help customers with good quality used machines. We provide experts on production line set up, installation, general maintenance, reorganization and transfer of production lines to new sites or reinstallation at existing locations.


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