Wide/Abnormal Loads

The AIM Group will take care of all the paperwork associated with obtaining the permissions required to move your load. Everything will be in place before the load leaves the factory - no wings no prayers!

wide load from the AIM Group

Packing and Preparation .

Depending on the destination and the shape and size of your load, the amount of packing, skidding or support stools to protect your cargo has to be in place before we load. Many times the load can be simply craned on and off the trailer, wrapped in a tarpaulin and safely transported across the country. At other times, depending on where it is going, how many temperature zones and modes of transport involved, the packing and supporting has to be considerable; or made available at the various transport interchanges. All of these factors are taken into account by The Aim Group when making a proposal, and the effects of changes or adjustments will be carefully explained so you, the customer, has the full story whenever possible before the project commences.